Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Culprit

Wanted: For Gingerbread Nibbling
You remember the old saying, Pride goeth before a fall? I should have remembered that adage before making my last post bragging about my gingerbread church. 

Today, as I was futzing around with fondant shingles, royal icing, and fake fir trees, I saw with horror that someone - or something - had been EATING my church roof. Yessir. A chomp right out of the roof. 

It had to be Fat Louie, our cat. The dogs never got anywhere near the church, and Louie is has no sense of decency whatsoever about traipsing around on the top of my tables and countertops if he thinks I'm not looking. I just know he's the guilty party, and he doesn't even have the common sense to look the least bit repentant. 

It's fixable - a little icing, a little fondant, nobody will be the wiser after I shingle over the chomped part. But Fat Louie and I will know. 

And watch out, Louie, I'm holding a grudge. 


uleiJ said...

lol! Yes I can leave anything even close to the edge of my table or my dog gets it!

Brussels Chronicles said...

Your Louie resembles my Kiki (who is now a slow and shaggy 17 y.o. but she shone in her prime like the cat in the pic). Is he by any chance a Norwegian Forest cat mix ? Kiki never stole much food but she once nabbed the cheese out of a sandwich I left on the counter while picking up the phone...

Julia Oleinik said...

We don't know what kind of a cat Louie is. We answered a newspaper ad for free kittens, and he was described as being a "small, short-haired female" cat. You can see he doesn't fit that description in any way! So he could be a Norwegian Forest cat mix.......we'll never know. He's a mystery cat.