Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pity Party Crashers

Image found here. 

I loved this from Dalton Roberts quoting his friend Naomi:
"My semi-annual pity bash began without a hitch. Stunning in a sackcloth gown, I sprinkled ashes in my wake, mixed hot tears with lemon rind to keep the wounds alive, and rolled my pain in salt … But unexpected visitors arrived and spoiled my plans. One showed up with flowers that brightened my décor, another ran an errand that spared me time and grief … Another pity party flop, hijacked by my friends."

Isn't that a marvelous description of what happens to us when we sit patting out our melancholy mud pies and a much-loved friend shows up? We are really energy beings and the energy field of a friend can often neutralize all the negative stuff in our own energy field. "Neutralize" is really too weak a word to describe how powerful it can be at times. It can be as powerful as a Roman candle moving through all the dark corners of our being spreading sparkles.

I enjoyed his description of patting out melancholy mud pies, and a Roman candle spreading sparkles. I am lucky to have sparkly friends. Thanks, guys. 

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