Monday, November 17, 2008

Doc Gurley

Image by ZoofyTheJi

I love Doc Gurley's blog. Dr. Jan Gurley writes an amazingly informative yet entertaining site regarding all things medical. She describes herself this way:
Doc Gurley is a Board-certified Internist physician and the only Harvard Medical School graduate to have been awarded a Shoney’s Ten-Step Pin for documented excellence in waitressing.
She has written a post about cold-weather dryness, and while much of the information is geared toward skin disorders such as eczema, other suggestions are good non-pharmaceutical advice for those of us with autoimmune-related dryness. The post is titled 5 Tips to Avoid Seasonal Scratchiness. Here are her five tips - but by all means, go to her site to read the explanations behind her provocative suggestions:
  • Join the Pits and Crotch (and Feet) club.
  • Oil Up
  • Dry Eyes
  • Ingest Well
  • Humidify

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