Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not So Happy Feet

Image by barunpatro

I am trying to be a good girl. 

OK. No laughing. 

Specifically, I am trying to be very conscientious about using sunscreen and wearing long sleeves and a hat to protect me from the sun. I've been aware over the last few years of the sun's impact on how I feel - it wreaks havoc with my inner thermostat - but only since I've been dealing with Lupus have I noticed the skin issues. 

Two days ago, after dutifully donning my floppy hat and long sleeved blouse, I headed outdoors. What I didn't notice was that I was wearing sandals. After 30 minutes of enjoying the sunshine, I noticed a faint rash on the top of my feet, of all places. By evening, the rash had blossomed into a pink itchy nuisance. After cortisone ointment and a couple of days out of the sun, it has faded to a few scabs left from scratching too vigorously.  

I guess I need to get serious about the sun. 

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