Thursday, August 21, 2008

GPS For Life

My friend has this really cool GPS device. It's made by Garmin, so that's what she calls it. She thinks of Garmin as a real life buddy, and says things like,"Let's ask Garmin how to get there", or "Garmin!! You should have told me that sooner!!" or "Thanks, Garmin," as we successfully make it to a difficult destination. She and I have some great navigation stories to tell, but that's another post....

Disclaimer: I don't have a GPS, and so can't say that a Garmin is better than, say, a Tom-Tom, or whatever. I'm not plugging a particular product here.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all strap on a super version of a GPS? I'd want mine to guide me through all sorts of things. The grocery store, for example. I could plug in all the grocery items I should buy. "Turn away from the cookie aisle. Arriving at destination: Produce." 

What if it prompted me with, "Full sun detected. Floppy hat located on left, sunscreen straight ahead."

Or maybe on my walk as I decide to cheat and head back home more quickly than I should: "Plan deviation. Recalculating to complete programmed distance." 

What I need most of all, is to hear: "Too much audible whining. Assume more personal responsibility for healthy plan of action." 

I guess you could say I already have that sort of a device. I believe it's called a conscience. Time for me to listen more closely to it's directions. 

Image found on Wikimedia Commons. 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe someday we will actually have our own internal GPS! Not only would it lead us to the right decision but suppress the urge for the not-so-good decision. Gluten=bad and I do not even miss a greasy gluten filled pizza! You wouldn't even think twice about choosing fruit over cookies. Maybe we need to put more thought into this device...