Friday, August 22, 2008

E-xellent E-ssay

A wonderful article can be found over on e-patients by Monique Doyle Spencer, a reluctant e-Patient dealing with serious medical problems with amazingly good humor:  

It used to be true: I didn’t understand this “e” thing -- e-patientcy, e-patienthood, e-patience, e-patient-nation. I was more of a d-patient – disengaged, disinterested, detached. The only “e” I had was “electronic,” but why would I use that “e” for medicine when there are so many jokes to find and I have a discount coupon guess I get an F as an e-patient for now. Probably will for a while. Eventually, I’ll have to get into it, because somebody will do a study. Remember the Mayo Clinic study proving that optimists live longer then pessimists, which didn’t surprise the pessimists, not one bit? Well, somebody is going to prove what we already suspect: e- patients get better medical care, without being rich. C-patients get sub-standard care. E-patients live longer. And, e-vidently, e-ssentially, better.
Get over there and read the whole thing!

Image by jonezy

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