Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sojourn With a Sjoggie

Photo by lusi.
My friend Terese and I are on the road again. 

This time, we're part of the moving crew to help Terese's daughter transition from college to the real world, with a real job, and soon - marriage. It has been a fun trip with my daughter and one of her friends joining us. 

I'm along for my ah, ahem, superior supervisory skills. I was also supposed to be documenting this momentous occasion with my camera, but forgot my Canon. I wonder how many times I can blame my forgetfulness on brain fog or Sjogren's? 

I am so fortunate to travel with a group of people who are understanding and supportive of my need for pacing and rest. And lots of pit stops after guzzling multiple bottles of water, and running the air conditioning when everyone else is freezing, and having dibs on the seat in the car which is out of the sun, and getting dropped off at the hotel for a nap before dinner and....well, the list goes on and on. 

Yikes. I'm pretty high maintenance. I wouldn't travel with me, if I didn't have to. How did I luck out with friends and family like these?

I am buying candy and passing it around. That must be why they keep bringing me along. 

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