Thursday, July 17, 2008


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I love a good slush. 

Ever had one? It's a frozen yummy drink, and yes, it is an adult beverage. I introduced slush to my friends a few years ago at a Thanksgiving hoopla, and it was a real slush work of art. It was made with blackberry brandy and cranberries and, well, let's just say that everyone who drank one had a very happy evening. 

The process of making a slush requires some bartender skills, some cooking skills, but mostly demands a great deal of imagination in using whatever happens to be plentiful in your liquor cabinet and refrigerator. Freeze the concoction, scoop it out into a glass and add a splash of 7-Up or seltzer water. Delicious. 

My 23 year old daughter asked me if I would make a lemon slush for an upcoming party. I was happy to oblige. But as a result, here I am horizontal on Couch, and it's not due to anything even remotely autoimmune. 

I was feeling quite adventurous as I surveyed John's stash of liquor. I gathered up the Absolut Citron, triple sec, Limoncello, and Grand Marnier and plunked them down on the kitchen island. Aha - a can of frozen lemonade was found in the freezer, and some fresh lemons in the fruit bowl. Pushing up my sleeves, I felt inspired. Oh yeah, I thought. Let the magic begin.  

I began by making a simple sugar syrup, then stirred in fresh lemon juice and zest, brewed green tea, lemonade concentrate, pineapple juice, and softened plain gelatin. 

Next, I began the very delicate process of adding the right proportions of liquors to the mixture.  I have never written this recipe down, and it has occurred to me that the reason that I haven't is because the tasting part of this is too much fun.

A little of this? Slurp. Hmm. Maybe a little more of that. Sip. Needs more Grand Marnier. Better balance that out with more Limoncello. Oops, too lemony. More triple sec. Smack. Perfect. Well, am I sure about that? Glug. Yes, perfect. 

John came home for lunch, and I wobbled over to give him a hug. He grinned. "Making slush again, I see." 

"Yes!" I said. "Isn't it wonderful? Isn't life wonderful? Isn't it a beautiful, wonderful day?"

How peculiar. The floor began to shift underfoot, and I felt my face flushing. John pointed me in the direction of Couch, and suddenly the idea of a nice long nap became irresistible. 

It's a good thing that, in our house, one batch of slush lasts for a couple of months. 


Vicky said...

Sounds like fun! Have one for me soon!

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Vicky!
Actually, I think that I have had my share of slush for