Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Photo found here
I was sitting in the backyard, Bumpus hounds running amok, looking at the gorgeous sunshine from a generous patch of shade. From somewhere in the neighborhood, I overheard a conversation. I wonder what I would have seen had I peeked over our fence. Here's what I heard:

Two male voices talking.

Guy number one: "What happened? Flat tire?"

Guy number two: "Nah. The kid got sick."

I had to really think about that one. How could you mistake a flat tire for a child being sick? Any ideas? 



Brussels Chronicles said...

I am guessing it had something to do with messed up/dirtied clothes...

Anonymous said...

Or why he couldn't go out for the evening with his friends.

Anonymous said...

Or else one of the men was explaining why he couldn't leave the house and hang out with his friend.