Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Math

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In one of my earlier posts, I made the observation that my life is directed by an equation:

Tired = Stupid
I used to be one of those people who could walk and chew gum at the same time. I wasn't an Einstein, didn't have a photographic memory, but could remember most daily details. Usually I could identify my kids in a large group of people, remember where I parked the car, get myself to work and back home again, and had some general idea how much money was in the checking account. 

On days when I have a fair amount of energy, these things are still true, to a certain extent. But when my energy levels are low, my mind morphs into mush. Suddenly simple tasks require an enormous amount of concentration. My kids get referred to as "'s your name again?" I wander around the house looking for my car keys, which are inevitably right in my pocket. Dinner may be plus or minus key ingredients, if it gets made at all. 

While this is still true, I have found that lately I am refining this equation further:

Tired = Stupid + Cranky (squared)

When this equation is in effect, what results is not a pretty scenario. 

It seems that lately my cheerfulness factor (CheerF) is directly proportional to my energy levels (EnergyL), and my crankiness factor (CrankF) and stupidity levels (Stupid) are inversely proportional to my cheerfulness factor and energy levels. Got that? 

So I guess that would create yet another equation which would look something like this:

CheerF/1 =EnergyL/1 = 1/4CrankF = 1/Stupid

Or, maybe it would look like this:

1/CheerF = 1/EnergyL = 4CrankF/1 = Stupid/1

I would also like to add that this is not fair.  I am not sure how to correctly express that mathematically. 

I seem to recall from my math classes that to be correct, both sides of a mathematical equation have to be equal in value. So how can I possibly equate being low in energy with being overwhelmingly crabby and stunningly stupid? Is there anything equal or fair about that?  

No, there isn't.

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Anonymous said...

You may not have the math right, but I wouldn't know either way, but you sure have the sentiments right -100%, no remainder, equal...OK that's all math related things I can come up with!

I always got cranky when I was tired or hungry. Now that I'm pretty much constantly tired, forget about it. I'm about to bite anyone's head off.