Thursday, June 5, 2008


Dad always says, "Moderation in all things," but I'm just not that kind of a person. My inclincation always leans to the all-or-nothing mode. 

When I am feeling tired, I'm cashed out on Couch for the count. If I have surplus energy, I'm off and running. When I want to finish a book, I turn on the bedside light and read for the duration. I wanted a pet - and now I have five. It is not in my nature to choose a small vanilla cone when offered a large, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Blizzard. 

I am trying to live on the moderation side of life more these days. 

It's not working. 

While I certainly don't regret reading all those books or the fact that I am swiffer-ing a mountain of dog and cat fur every day, it is frustrating to see the effects of absence of moderation evident in my waistline and fatigue levels. 

Hey - is that the ice cream truck I hear? Wait! Wait! Mister!..........

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