Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Friend Dorey

Ever see the movie Finding Nemo?  If you haven't - then run, don't walk, to the nearest video rental joint. It's hilarious, and not just for kids. 

My favorite character in this movie is Dorey, the totally bubble headed (get it?) fish. I like Dorey because I can identify with her. When Dorey is faced with stress or change, she deteriorates into a forgetful, mindless little blue blob of fishiness. But even in her meltdown, Dorey maintains her sense of humor and purpose. Her mantra is, "Just keep swimming.....just keep swimming." I love her. 

I've decided that Dorey should be our poster child for brain fog. You know - when otherwise normal individuals with autoimmune disease deteriorate into forgetful, mindless little blobs of fishiness. 

Even with her bubble headed tendencies, Dorey gets things done. She likes herself. She doesn't belittle or criticize herself when things go wrong, but just keeps trying. We can all learn a lot from Dorey. 

Like her, we should just keep swimming. 

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