Friday, May 9, 2008

I can't stop myself

My family has pleaded with me to quit telling embarrassing stories from the past. 


Especially when I think about what amazing things our bodies are. Even in dire circumstances, we shouldn't underestimate what we are capable of. 

To minimize the potential fallout from my husband reading this post, I'll keep it brief. 

Imagine a young family in a boat on a picturesque reservoir created by damming up a lovely river.  Three small children struggle with poofy orange life jackets, the family dog yaps in the bow, wife at the helm, husband floating behind boat ready to waterski. Or so he hopes. 

Wife, who has never been mechanically inclined, attempts to start the engine. After several attempts, floods the engine. In absorption of attention on engine and keeping children and dog inside boat, wife and husband simultaneously realize that the entire family is floating toward the dam. 

Yes, the DAM. 

Husband pulls himself hand over hand up the tow line, hoists himself into boat, throws off cowling on motor, threads emergency pull line onto motor, manually starts a 75 horsepower outboard engine. 

Epinepherine at it's best. 

That, and the grace of God. 

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