Friday, May 30, 2008

Dangerous Dieting?

The Bikini Bamboozle article found here written by Doc Gurley is a great read. Love the title, Doc. Gorgeous picture above, found here

It's that time again - when we look forward to summer and the body-baring clothing that comes with it. I should qualify that - some people look forward to wearing body-baring clothing. I'm not one of them. Many autoimmune-type-people have issues with weight, due to fatigue-related inactivity and medication side effects.  Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

With the bikini season also comes the diet hype, and the sales pitch for supplements that promise a perfect body with their use. Doc Gurley evaluates several supplements based on their cost, health risk, and efficacy. These are the supplements that she evaluates in her article: 

Bitter Orange
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Green Tea Extract
Guar Gum from Indian Cluster Bean
Hydroxycitric Acid
Natural Black Licorice
Usnic Acid
White Kidney Bean Extract
Willow Bark Extract

Please read this article in it's entirety, since Doc Gurley specifically addresses which of these supplements could actually be harmful to your health. She summarizes potentially useful supplements and diet strategies in the following quote:

"Doc Gurley Bikini Bottom (heh) Line:

Orlistat may help you lose weight (if you can afford it), mostly (in my opinion) because it will punish you with anal leakage if you eat too much fat - that’s a harsh punishment. Eating small amounts of whole grains/fiber at each meal ia an excellent way to get a craving appetite under control. White kidney bean extract might help, and, at this time, seems safe. Always try to find a pure ingredient - do not take random mixes of substances (many of which you really don’t want). Be sure to tell your doctor about all supplements and only take as directed. Change to drinking water only (”water” includes unsweetened, unmilked tea and coffee). Americans drink as much as 450 extra calories a day - which adds up to 23 pounds a year (yikes!). Don’t drink diet “sugar-substitute” drinks, either - recent data shows these may also contribute to weight gain and health problems.Always eat breakfast, even a small, healthy amount - breakfast revs your metabolism out of starvation mode. Buy smaller plates and bowls. We eat what’s put in front of us, and then feel about the same fullness afterward. A smaller plate is a freebie when it comes to portion control. Take a multivitamin plus 1,000 units a day of vitamin D. Be kind to yourself. Think about nurturing yourself with health. Walk. Walk. Walk. Pace yourself - you’re in this for the long haul - for your kids, your work, your grandkids - not just “bikini season.” We want you around and kicking for a long time. You go, friend."

Well said! 

An additional note of caution for autoimmune disease patients - whether wearing a bikini or your favorite summer clothing which exposes your skin to the sun, remember to protect your skin from UV rays, and also protect your eyes with UV filtering sunglasses as well.

Pass the lemonade. 

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