Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nap Where You Can

We were having some flooring installed in our home, and had banished the dogs to the basement for the duration. This measure isn't as draconian as it sounds. The basement has several large sunny windows, is warm and dry, and is a pretty darn posh doghouse. 

But the spoiled Bumpus hounds didn't like it anyway, and when the Bumpuses aren't happy - nobody has any peace and quiet. 

So I was spending some time trying to placate Sam, Bart, and Maggie. I was also in the midst of a nasty flare, so my energy levels were especially low. After several rounds of fetch and tug of war and multiple trips out to the backyard, I was bushed.

I plopped down on Sammy's generously sized and relatively un-stinky doggie bed. Hm. Comfy, I thought. 

Two hours later, John was shaking me awake and shaking with laughter. 

Hey, if the doggie bed fits - nap in it. 

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