Saturday, April 26, 2008

Svelte - Someday

I am lugging around a few extra pounds. 

OK, maybe more than a few. 

I was already sporting a good sized spare tire around my middle even before my Sjogren's diagnosis. The fatigue and steroid medications that followed inflated that spare considerably.

As I pulled on larger and larger sized sweat pants, I did a lot of rationalizing. 

It was easy to blame my medications, since everyone knows that prednisone causes an increased appetite and fluid retention. 

Then there were other, more subtle, yet reasonable justifications for those increasing numbers on my bathroom scale. Which are all still valid, I might add:

An extra layer of topcoat on my toenail polish
Wearing a headband
Bra underwires
Hair product overuse
Multiple hangnails
Unshaved legs
Heavyweight socks
Unflossed teeth

I'm working diligently on the above. 

Heaven forbid I should count calories or excersise or anything........

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