Sunday, April 27, 2008


Anyone who deals with a chronic illness can attest to the importance of a place of refuge in their lives. 

My backyard has taken on such increased significance over the past few years.

The dogs drink out of the St. Francis birdbath. There are holes dug throughout the landscaping, several sprinklers chewed up, and weeds in the garden. 

Yet - it is impossible to describe the pleasure I receive simply to lie in the cool grass on a hot summer day, or to watch the blossoms emerge from the fruit trees and dogwood and magnolia, to pick blueberries and strawberries, watch the dogs chase and play, laugh at the ridiculously difficult croquet courses set up by my kids and their cutthroat games, see the mountains in the distance, or to lie on Couch and enjoy viewing lush green trees and grass through the window.

I have traveled many places and enjoy them all, but the best place to renew myself is in my own back yard. 

Where do you find refuge?

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