Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Grand

On our way home from the Sjogren's conference in Phoenix, hubby and I took a road trip just to see some sights in the area. 

One of our excursions took us to Flagstaff, and then north to the South Rim area of the Grand Canyon. 

I think I must be one of only a handful of people in this country who have never seen the Grand Canyon. John and I love to travel, we do so frequently, and have packed our three kids into various vehicles over the years for many vacations around the US. But for some unknown reason, this is one of those sights that everyone else in the country has seen except me. 

After an easy drive from Flagstaff, I wasn't impressed with the landscape. Flat, dry, and to be honest - boring.

Then the National Park gate appeared, and things began to get interesting. We cruised through and parked. The asphalt parking lot was bordered by a walking path, and some gnarled pine trees. When I looked past the trees, I was blown away. 

We have all seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, but as with most pictures, they simply can't do justice to something of this magnitude. I stood with mouth gaping. As we walked along the path bordering the canyon, for once in my life, I was speechless. The raw beauty there was overwhelming. 

I wanted to tell everyone else about this amazing spectacle. I immediately whipped out my cell phone and sent multiple picture messages to everyone I know. I wanted to flag down passing cars and shout into the windows - HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??? 

If there is anyone left in the country who has not visited this park, and don't visit because they feel it may not be accessible to handicapped or energy impaired individuals, don't let this stop you from checking this out. There is ample handicapped parking, and the walking trails are paved and smooth. At this time of the year, the park was not crowded, the temperatures moderate, and restrooms readily available. Be sure to stay on the paved walking paths, however. There are few guardrails, and if one climbed closer to the raw edge of the canyon, there is nothing stopping you from tumbling over. This would be bad. 

I'll be back. 


Anonymous said...

I agree that it is an awsome view. Back in 1979 I was looking in the paper at jobs and there was an ad for the Grand Canyon. I got a job down on the south rim and stayed 6 mo. the first time. I then moved up to the northwest and a year and a half later I moved back down there and worked there for 6 years. It was a wonderful experience. I miss it. I have been back twice since then just to visit.

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Mary,

Where are your favorite places along the canyon?
Thanks for reading, by the way.