Friday, April 18, 2008

Dad's birthday CD

This year, for my dad's birthday, I promised that we would make an audio CD for him. We planned to simply record my daughter singing some of Dad's favorite songs and hymns accompanied by Magic Fingers Terese. 

Like most events at our house, what is planned is not what happens, and this CD followed suit. 

We did begin by recording several perfectly serious and sedate pieces, then took a break for dinner. As dinner progressed and adult beverages flowed, new and unique ideas took shape for additional CD tracks. Even worse, these ideas were actually performed and recorded,  and are now preserved for immortality. 

Yes, Dad will be able to enjoy a new and improved version of Eddie Arnold's Cattle Call; an armpit serenade; Bart, Sam and Maggie barking a tribute; and a polyphonic whistled version of Happy Birthday.

Copies available on soon. 

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Anonymous said...

I want one!!