Saturday, August 8, 2020

And now for something completely different

 My posts lately have definitely been of the whiny-butt persuasion. I thought it would be mutually beneficial to us if I shared some of the positives in my life these days; the idea being that the crummy times would be balanced out with all of the good ones. And there have been several. 

The good may outweigh the not so good, come to think of it. I think this exercise is proving fruitful already. 

So. Ready for the slide show of positivity? You are?

Get the lights, would you, Terese? 

We'll start with the little person that makes me smile every time I see him. He's so jam packed with cuteness I almost can't stand myself. I'm grinning so hard my cheeks hurt. 

These green old beauties were my dad's. Ah, what memories. As soon as I was old enough to swing a hay bale hook, my brothers and sisters and I made hay while the summer sun was shining. I took my turn steering the tractor, the baler, and the hay wagon around the fields and I have to laugh remembering what a steep learning curve I had trying to master that task. I was far more skilled in lining up grain wagons to the feed elevator. It was hard work, but any farm kiddo in the tri-state area was doing the same. It was just what we did. What a lot of work -- but oh, did it feel good to jump in a nearby lake after the last bale was unloaded each day. 

My niece sent this picture to me this week, letting me know that she and her husband have polished up the old John Deere and have put her back to work. Is that not amazing? Dad would be tickled pink to see her making hay once again. I am too. 

Speaking of heavy equipment, I've developed new skills this summer as John prepares to have a new storage shed built. We are going to put it next to my greenhouse AKA storage shed. See all the gravel? 

See the woman manhandling the compactor over all that gravel? In a dress and leggings? I like to dress for special occasions...and for real comfort. Love those cotton t shirt dresses. I always go for the comfy wumfy look when working construction. 

I loved the mini front end loader! We rented this one but I want one of my very own! It is controlled by two joysticks so it felt like playing a video game in real life. I'm sure that I could put it to good use. 

In other good news, my flowers and garden are blooming and growing. Last year, these gladiolus didn't blossom and I threatened the bulbs with uprooting them and tossing them into the burn pit if they didn't produce at least two blossoms this summer. Aren't they pretty? It was a great surprise. 

Glads, well done. You get to stay in your garden bed. 

It appears that one of my favorite garden veggies has sprouted and grown and are actually producing something which will be edible soon. Love those cucumbers. Grow really fast, guys. 

Let's see...what else.....oh, righto. My hammock swing situation. I previously had thoroughly enjoyed not one but two of these wonderful devices here on Mount Norway. One suspended from a branch of the biggest maple tree on our property, and... on our patio off the master bedroom. It's a splendid place to swing and enjoy morning coffee. Note: that is not coffee in my plastic wine glass. Any beverage can be substituted for coffee quite nicely and any time of the day.  

So I am beyond excited to share pictures of my newest hammock swing hanging underneath the deck. What a shady and wonderful location. Now I can swing and float to my hearts content almost anywhere. There's something so therapeutic about being suspended in a hammock: I feel almost as though I am swimming or floating. Me and my joints absolutely love the sensation. With the addition of this third hammock swing, I can count on being able to swing and float in the shade any time of day. I can follow the cool shade all around the house. Wonderful. 

John is getting quite skilled at installing these things, thank goodness. I wonder where else we could put one? There could never be too many hammocks around. 


So life is good when I take time to count my blessings. 

How are y'all? I'd love to hear about all of YOUR blessings. 

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annie said...

Wow, I'll start with your little guy who is not so little anymore. He's definitely lost the baby look and looking like a gorgeous toddler, bless him!

I am definitely envious of all your hammocks, just thinking of lying in one and looking at that scenery you have, what a scenery full of peace and tranquility to soothe the soul.

I love the look of the tractor, so nice that your niece has been able to keep it in the family and make use of it, wonderful memories.

I can't believe we're in August, the summer is flying by, and there were so many things I was going to try to do / go this summer and this pandemic put a halt on many plans, like most people. However, then I feel truly blessed as I have a roof over my head and food on my table and family. We have been reading and listening to some real horror stories lately with this pandemic: people with no jobs, sleeping in cars, having trouble getting food for their families. I really can't complain even if my life is simple, and somedays not what I envisioned.

Sorry this is long! Be well, enjoy your hammocks and your garden, and appreciate John who's putting up all your comfy hammocks,lol!