Thursday, April 2, 2020

Lockdown without losing my marbles

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Well, without losing any MORE of my marbles that have long since left the marble bag, anyway....

So. How are y'all managing this social distancing thing? Are you one of those working from home? Not working from home? Chasing your kiddos around home? Hanging around home? Loafing at home? Following all of the directives and staying home?

Um -- are you one of those admirable people that are using this time to improve yourself by learning a new skill, or improving your physique?


Whoa. I'm not. I wish that I were; but y'all should know me well enough by now to know better. Yes, my Bratty Inner Child Julia is bouncing off the walls around here. Every time I try to corral her and suggest some kind of useful activity or learning opportunity, she just blows a raspberry in defiance and goes back to playing her four thousand-th game of Candy Crush.

In stark contrast, John is working diligently from home. He has an impressive bank of computer screens on his expansive office desk here at home with his keyboard at the ready. From his executive style office chair, he manages his job efficiently and tells me that by eliminating the in-person incidental contacts he experiences when working in his office, he is actually more productive from his home headquarters.

I'm impressed.

For the most part, I try to stay out of his way during his workday. Well, I TRY. But it is great having him around. Just knowing that he is here and being able to converse with a non-schnauzer person during the day is great.

I beg your pardon. Sniff.

No offense, Lulu girl. I love you, you definitely communicate amazingly well, but your human vocabulary is somewhat limited.

Just sayin'.

So Lulu and BICJ and I have been passing our days alternating between fussing around outdoors, Netflix, cable news, and just plain goofing around. King, the genius game studio that created the Candy Crush games, has generously offered unlimited lives to its players this week. Which is kind of dangerous for my dry eyes and arthritic hands seeing as it is all too easy to mindlessly play these games for far too much time.

After John signs off his computer for the day, things become a little more interesting around here. We
have been working on jigsaw puzzles, cook together, and enjoy a happy hour on our front porch every day. Which is delightful. Some of our happy hour concoctions are tastier than others. I wouldn't recommend this one, which we saw on a newscast, and was dubbed the "quarantini": It's EmergenC and vodka. Blech.

I prefer my tame spritzer hard cider, which is cider diluted with club soda. Much yummier.

We plunked a card table in our living room and cracked open a jigsaw puzzle. Which, I might add, is NOT PLAYING FAIR because its pieces have several straight edges on pieces that are not edge pieces. Isn't that breaking some kind of puzzle rules?

I am so grateful for the expansive view that we have from our house. It is always changing, either by time of day or cloud formations or weather conditions. I think it's endlessly entertaining and can spend an amazing amount of time in front of my windows or perched on a lawn chair outdoors.

I am also grateful for the technology that allows John and I to see hear and talk to our friends and family. Can't imagine if that were not available right now. It is so reassuring to see my kiddos all healthy and happy in pictures and videos and FaceTime chats.

I care about all of my readers, too. So please tell me how you are feeling and what ways y'all are passing the time these days. I sincerely want to know.

And I really, really want all of you to be around on the other side of this pandemic, so stay home. And be well.

Stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I have both been staying inside since my last Aranesp injection on Feb. 28 as I take Imuran and have heart, kidney and lung problems in addition to Sjogrens. We've been getting our groceries delivered and my 90-day prescriptions are sent in the mail. We're both retired so there haven't been much changes in our day to day activities except that I've been doing more baking as I have to put those ripe bananas to good use (my husband is pre-diabetic and gluten-intolerant so I make them with gluten-free flour and Splenda)

Becky Jo

annie said...

Hi Julia,

I just want to say thanks for the invaluable information you keep posting here for us. I'm not immuno suppressed, but I'm over a certain age and with health issues, am staying home. Meds and groceries are ordered online and delivered, and everything is cleaned and disinfected upon arrival,I am taking no chances.

For me this is normal, so the internet, phone, and books, and crosswords are my friends, and life goes on as normal as it can be at this worrisome time. I periodically check up on friends and family to make sure all is well as some are still in the work force, or splitting work / home time.

Let's hope there will not be too much damage before this will be over. Let us keep well and stay healthy and stay safe home.

Shara from Seattle said...

We aren't social distancing between family members, all of us are being careful though because Sam takes care of her dad who had recently gone through lung cancer. To break up the monotony We have been to my sons and I have had my daughter and her husband over. We have been going to Dicks for burgers and my significant other goes to the grocery store early in the mornings. We have a puzzle going at all times. This one is too hard so I'm not having fun with it. If I wasn't 11 years sober, I'd be drinking right now too. Instead I'm eating cookies like they are going out of style. They finally got TP at the QFC but no rice now for weeks. I worry. I wonder if this is going to mess with my med's. I did a couple of tele Dr. visits and got my Rx's refilled for three months.The store only allows me to buy one gallon of Cpap water at a time. So, I need a better supplier. I think our country is in real trouble. I'm looking forward to some more sun. I watch all the walkers that have started to show up in my neighborhood go past my window. I like people watching. Stay Safe you guys. May God bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

I’m disabled due to Sjogrens, fibromyalgia and some other stuff. The only medicine I can tolerate right now for the autoimmune condition is Hydroxychloriquine. My concern is with the president giving a hard sell on it at his press briefings before final evidence is found on its effectiveness for the virus, I may not be able to get it filled.

annie said...

Last week I was denied a refill of Plaquenil from my pharmacist due to the shortages we're having. I contacted my doctor's office and he was able to get me half my dosage (200 mg per day instead of 400 mg)
It was the best he could do. I am in Canada, and I am reading about lupus patients here that might not be able to get their meds because of shortages.This is the only med I use for sjogren's at the moment.

I think it's irresponsible to be touting a med that has no proven ability to cure covid and have MD's scrambling to prescribe to their families and friends and themselves while depriving patients who REALLY NEED the meds thus creating even more of a shortage. A lot of these meds come from India and China, not just hydroxychloroquine, but lots of our other meds are in shortage.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! stay safe and healthy and at home if possible

Sue said...

I am happy to read that you and your family are doing well. My husband is working from home which I am very thankful for. We live in Canada but he works in Michigan, which has been hit very hard in this pandemic. There are as many cases of Corona in Michigan as there are in the the whole of Canada. Scary times.
I have been staying home except for having to go out for groceries. I ordered groceries online 2 weeks ago and can finally go pick up my order tomorrow evening. I ordered enough for 2 weeks but will still have to go out for milk since I can only buy 8 Liters at a time and my family goes through twice that in a week. As soon as I pick up my order, I will have to come home and place another order to be picked up in 15 days. Tonight I will have to make up a meal plan so I know what I will have to order.
I have been doing a lot of reading, watching the CBC News Network, and YouTube videos. Netflix, Disney plus, and Crave (a Canadian streaming service) have been a Godsend. I am kind of addicted to Sudoko at the moment.
I was lucky to renew my plaquinel just before Health Canada mandated that prescriptions should only be filled for a period of 30 days instead of the usual 90 days so I am set for the next 3 months.
Stay Home and flatten the curve. Let's not throw our parents generation and those with weakened immune systems under the bus.

emeditator said...

Hi All!
I'm so glad I found this blog. I don't know anyone who has SS or even an autoimmune disorder. My mum had very severe RA, and she passed away 12 years ago,
Today was my first Father's Day without my Dad. He passed away a year ago and I'm sure that is making even more vulnerable. I could talk to him about this stuff.

I don't want to sound like I'm swimming in a pond of poop, but at this point, my SS is worse than being quarantined. I'm having new symptoms, but none that fit in a specific category for treatment. I told one of my neurologists about some neuro concerns and he tells me to talk to my "general" neuro. I told him I don't have one, I just have the one for the POTS. He shrugged his shoulders and told me to call him.

So now I have new gastro symptoms that are very distressing and I don't know what they are related to. I get very frustrated when I have to figure out which neuro I need to see, or with the gastric issues (delayed stomach emptying, constipation, poor digestive motility) my GI doc will be running new tests but in the past has told me what I can't take and no real suggestions for what I can do. I have a virtual appt with her tomorrow, after a 4-week wait. She wanted me to get the EDG and we can talk later, but I wasn't sure if that is the best test right now (I have had problems in the past that warranted the test and procedure).
My symptoms have changed drastically so she grudging said she would do a virtual appt.

Tonight, I cried for the first time in a long time about my health. I'm 57 years old, and today I am having full bowel incontinence without any urgency or sensation I need to go. I'm coping well otherwise, even tho it doesn't sound like it. I keep a quiet profile when it comes to showing my symptoms.

I'm tired of this sh*t, no pun intended. Thanks for letting me rant.

My new rheum is great, so I will be reaching out to her.
AND, my friends and family tell me that much of my problem is having too many doctors...they don't get it...

Thank you for being here.