Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Green and Growing Reason to Move

Like the reflection in the window selfie? This was taken back when my garden gloves were actually clean. Not any more. 

As I am certain y'all know having wah-wah-wah-ed about it frequently, I dislike exercise. Well, to clarify,  I dislike exercising just to exercise. Like climbing on a treadmill and setting a timer then plodding along. But I DO like feeling my body in motion with a purpose. The challenge has always been for me to find those ways to get exercise while doing something that is enjoyable and productive.

I realized when we moved to our new house that I had five and a half acres worth of enjoyable tasks ahead of me, woot! I love being outdoors futzing around with the yard and plants and garden; and this place will provide an endless supply of these kinds of projects. Which definitely will keep this old body in motion.

The previous owners of our house were not physically able to maintain the property for the last several years, and as a result everything was overgrown and crowded. While I love the cottage-in-the-woods effect, around here having this much vegetation so close to the house would be an enormous risk should the unthinkable happen -- a forest wildfire. The house would be in flames in seconds. So we have been working on pruning and thinning and removing whenever John has the time and I have the energy. I love grabbing my pruners, pulling on my leather garden gloves and heading outdoors with Lulu on my heels.

See how crowded those plants are? I could literally hear them begging for light. "Help meeee....." There was a cedar tree with branches growing ON THE ROOF.

And check out this rock garden. There's enormous potential there for an amazing terraced landscape but lots of work ahead.

Then there's John's avowed enemy: the evil wild blackberries. These vines are a non-native extremely invasive plant that seems to be able to thrive anywhere with its thick ropelike vines and enormous sharp thorns. They almost completely surround our property. Ah, but they are no match for John.

So after several months and countless trailer loads of yard debris, we are getting closer to the point at which I can think about redesigning the landscaping around the house. What fun. I can't wait until we are closer to spring and I can begin making the rounds of my favorite plant and tree nurseries. I'm thinking a star magnolia is first on the list, and then lilacs. And who knows what else? But these babies will be planted an appropriate distance from the house and given lots of room to spread.

Star Magnolia found on Wikipedia 

See? Lots of room to plant now.

Yeah, that poor rhododendron in the foreground looks really sad, but I'm going to give it one spring and summer to see if does better now that it has room. I love rhodies.

What keeps your body moving?

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Anonymous said...

Grandkids! I have three grandsons, ages 2 and a half, 14 months, and 8 months. Expecting two more in the fall. (With four grown kids each with a house and a spouse, I may end up with quite a group of grands before it’s blessed!) A great way to keep moving, but exhausting I’ll admit. They love to go for stroller rides in the park. I also like to do light gardening. Your place looks lovely!