Saturday, October 20, 2018

Life on Mount Norway....... good.

I love the orangey-red colors on my maple tree that lives just outside the laundry room door.

This little guy spun a perfect web in one of my hydrangea bushes. While I'm not a spider fan, still I admire his craftsmanship. So I resisted my impulse to scream and squash him.

John thinks that it's funny that I invite Lulu to have breakfast with me at the kitchen island every morning. Of course, Lulu thinks it's just what she deserves and about time, too.  Since we moved out to the country, I have yet to put her on a leash when we go on walks.

I love seeing morning clouds below me. 


We hear the darndest things up here on our mountain. I think sound carries extremely well especially from the river valley below us. There is a moto-cross race track for off road motorbikes waaaaaayyyyyy across the valley on the next ridge of mountain foothills north of us. It's miles and miles and miles away. We bought our place knowing it was there and that when races were scheduled, we'd probably hear something from there. And we do -- but it sounds like a distant buzz of angry bees, not motorcycles. Which is fine by me.

Yesterday, from somewhere west, back in the forest, first I heard the unmistakable gobble gobble of a turkey. Repeatedly. Then, the excited yapping of a puppy. And then some guy yelling what seemed to be a dog's name in frustration.....I'm thinking that there was some kind of interesting story in that sequence of events. Grin.

Some of my favorite neighbors live in a pasture about a mile down the road from our house.

I can hear their moos every day. I love it -- makes me feel like a kid again when we had Black Angus beef cattle on Dad's farm. I laughed when I first saw them and told John what a naughty species of cattle this had been for Dad. It seemed we were always having to chase them back to where they belonged since they were able to escape their pasture at will. And sure enough, a few weeks ago, John and I came down the road and were met with the sight of a frisky little black guy standing dead center in the road. Exactly where he shouldn't be. Looking back at his buddies in the pasture with what I swear was a "nanner nanner" expression on his face.

John let the farmer know of his escape but he didn't seem too concerned. I'll bet it happens all of the time.

So much excitement around here. Turkeys and Angus and motorcycles, oh my..

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Anonymous said...

You sound contented and happy. I am happy for you.