Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I've been busy lately.

Imagine this beauty attached to me right about at the shoulder.

So the good news is that I have my stitches out, my black eye is finally beginning to fade and my broken arm is sporting a new and improved splint that has velcro so that I can take it off to shower!

What's that? I haven't shared this latest catastrophe with y'all? Sorry. My bad. Guess I should start at the beginning, then.

Like a lot of people with autoimmune disease, my balance isn't great. So about two and a half weeks ago, my crummy balance led me down an outdoor set of concrete stairs face first. Wasn't pretty or pleasant. I ended up with a gash over my eyebrow, an impressive black eye, a broken arm, and couple of broken ribs.

This has made me crabby.

It has also made me rather odiferous too. Ever try to bathe one handed? Especially when that hand is the non-dominant one?

Luckily, it will all heal. As a matter of fact, I now can take my arm out of the splint and have begun doing very limited range of motion exercises. I can almost camouflage my black eye with makeup, and the scar over my eye should heal well. The ribs will take longer to heal than my arm, but the feeling as though I have been hit by a tank has passed. Whew.

 My fatigue in response to my injuries has been overwhelming, and I'm not surprised. It must be the demand for healing has sapped me of much of my energy.

But enough about me. How have y'all been?


Laura said...

Owwie. Glad you are healing decently.

I'm busy being grateful because the horrible cold that affected our household is, except for residual coughing, past. I don't recommend catching this season's colds. :P They're mean.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Julia..... Glad to hear you are healing. Take care. Love your attitude!!

Unknown said...

Geez, Julia! I am so sorry. Totally understand the balance thing. Glad you are on the mend. I recently moved to a different apt in my Senior Independent Living Community. One door down! Got a balcony but now looking for storage for all the stuff that was in the huge walk-in closet. Up high or down low. Trying to stay off step stools. Take care.

Amy Junod said...

Ouch! I bet BICJ had a whole lot to say while recovering! I'm so glad that you're ok and on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Aww man... came to see what is new and now I have a whole dose of perspective! And then knew there was a really good reason I always take the subway stairs real slow... my Sjoggie brain just couldn’t explain it to a non Sjoggie. Wishing you a quick recovery. Thanks for keeping this blog going! - Jen from Brooklyn