Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Don't worry Goldie: I won't love her more than you.

Guys. I am sorry to report that my beloved Goldie the Prius, now ten years and 150,000 miles old, is moving on to a different garage.

*dabs tears*

Ah, but she is staying in the family. She's heading north to my daughter and son-in-law who promise to take good care of the old girl, failing water pump and all.

Which brings me to the point of this post: to introduce Goldie's successor, Sadie. Isn't she a beaut?

Yup. I was beyond excited.

She's named Sadie because she's a Mercedes-Benz. She only has 22,000 miles on her, which makes her just a babe. Oh, Sadie honey, we are going to have us some really great adventures!

Lulu approves, since this is her car just as much as it is mine. Oh my. With Sadie's turbocharged engine, we can get into a whole world of trouble!

I hope.

I'll keep you posted.

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annie said...

Congratulations on your new addition....Sadie is a beaut! Sadie doesn't know what she's getting herself into with you and Lulu on board!

Julia,I almost didn't recognize you, how much weight have you lost? You're looking great, hope you're feeling great, also.