Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Chukka Time

I'm into chukka boots lately. Like my suede version?

I like them because they're kind of like a cross between a sneaker and a boot. I spent a great deal of the summer running around in canvas and mesh sneakers. But when the winter rains truly descend upon us here in the Pacific Northwest, it is time to switch out the barefoot inside sneakers experience for warm socks and substantial shoes. So I'm ready. Bring it, winter.

Oh, right. I was supposed to be damp mopping................

What's your favorite winter shoe?


Christie said...

I've been waiting for comments before posting because I need ideas so please comment. Right now my favorite winter shoe isn't actually a shoe, it's my Ugg boots. I've worn them for years, mainly because they're warm, comfy, and light weight. But since moving to Houston it's too hot here to wear them on most days, yet it's usually too cool to not cover my feet. I just can't find anything that's suitable. Hopefully comments will start coming in with ideas. Lace up shoes don't work well for me, but I might give your chukka recommendation a try if they'd truly allow me to not have to do housework ;)

Sue said...

I need to find a new pair of winter boots. I would like something about ankle high for just cold wet days but if we get a fair amount of snow (south western Ontario is still Canada after all) I will need something more substantial. Time to start looking. I had a great pair of Columbia Outfitters boots that I bought 20 years ago but they are worn out and they just don't keep my feet warm anymore.