Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's About Time

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Karen sent the following text to me:

I'm tired of looking at your nose every time I check for a new posting!
Can't say as I blame her. I sure wouldn't want to have that big rashy schnoz pop up every time I opened Reasonably Well. I totally concur: A new post is overdue. So this one's for you, Karen; and for everyone else out there that shares the same sentiment. Myself included.

Lots of stuff has happened since my June 3rd writing. Here's the lowdown.

1. John and I took a very cool two week drive back to Wisconsin to bring several of Mom and Dad's things back home. Along the way we saw some beautiful scenery:

And wildlife:

2. I was given my mom's wedding ring:

I have always loved this ring. I love that it's chunky, I love that the white gold is engraved to look like a flower with diamonds placed in the petals, but mostly I love it because it makes me feel connected to Mom.

3. Last, but certainly not least, I had surgery for a ruptured appendix early Saturday morning. Sigh. Yes, sad but true. I had a few rough days but since yesterday am beginning to feel as though I may survive this thing. While I was in the hospital, I couldn't help but think of this cute little book that I used to read to my children.

You can buy your very own copy of this awesome book here

And so that's about all I have to share right now, folks. Any suggestions for light reading while I'm recuperating?


Anonymous said...

Jan Karon's Mitford Series. I just read thru it again after having emergency gall bladder surgery.

Anonymous said...

Julia, I have missed your posts, too! Welcome back!! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your recent surgery and the series of challenges you have faced. LOVE your photos of your
two-week excursion. You could be a professional photographer...

Karen said...

Thank you for the update!! :) Love you and your cute little nose.

Nicole said...

Julia, it's so nice to hear from you! I don't know how you feel about children's literature/fantasy, but the Harry Potter series is really worth reading if you have not. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Shara from Seattle said...

Holy cow girl, I sure hope you get to the point these stress reactions stop. What horrible timing for an appendix to burst. I mean those don't decide to burst over stress - do they? This new doctor I have has taken me off of my pain pill and started me on Naltrexone and L Tyrosine. It's a gift from God that I'm sure will be almost miraculous for autoimmune sufferers. You could probably understand how it works better than me with your nursing background. The Low dose Naltrexone stimulates the brain to produce dopamine. The dopamine kills the pain messages from inflammation. The L Tyrosine is an ammino acid that promotes better functioning by replenishing this ammino acid that targets the trauma to our bodies, past and present. I can't explain it, you should all look into it. It has helped me take better care of myself and the house and given me more energy. Not disco dancing energy but more like, hey, that needs dusting, I'm on it.