Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Swingin' In The Shade

A few days ago, John hauled out my hammock chair. So Lulu and I immediately crawled into that ancient thing that has knots and strings hanging out everywhere. But it still swings just dandy, and we love it.

The view from my swing has always been lush and green, but since we sold the bottom half of our property, and judging by the beginnings of excavation there, I suspect that a new house will soon appear. I'm guessing that my view will change dramatically. But that's OK. That chunk of land was just waiting for a family to live there and I can't wait to see kids climbing all those trees that John and I planted so long ago. I'm just tickled that the contractor decided to keep the biggest and best trees for the new place. The pin oaks and ponderosa pines are particularly good climbing trees.

If our plans work out, in a couple of years or so a young family with kids of their own will be living in my house, and we'll be blissfully living in a new single story abode and my view from my swing will contain a whole new forest of trees. Wouldn't it be great if those two new families on our old place become friends and their pack of little kids run around and terrorize the neighborhood just like Bev and my kids did twenty years ago?

Sigh. Such good times.


Elizabeth W. said...

Glad to hear that you can now enjoy some rest and time for yourself. I like your positive outlook about the future of your former property, and future inhabitants of your home. Those are all big changes. But with Sjogrens, won't the one story house be nice?

Anonymous said...

Julia- your positive thinking really made me pause... Changes like these usually make me sad, but you chose to envision a positive future. Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts with us.
- Jen