Friday, December 9, 2016

You're Invited

It's that glorious time of the year when parties abound; so I've decided that now would be the perfect time to join in the fun. So let's have a Reasonably Well Holiday party. Ready? You are? Brilliant!  Don your prettiest or most handsome party clothes, and we'll celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year's, and whatever holiday you feel deserves to be marked by a raised glass of bubbly and a witty toast.

Cheers! Here's to you, my wonderful friends who have been so supportive and generous and well.....just excellent people. I'm sipping my favorite decaf coffee here at the party, so it's raised high in your honor and in best wishes for a fabulous holiday season and beyond.

Slurp. Delicious. I'd better be careful not to spill coffee on my stunning peacock feather and sequined full length gown. I had to lose 40 pounds overnight to get the zipper zipped. What are y'all wearing?

Like my cup and saucer set? My buddy Karen has a matching one. 

I hope y'all said Merry Christmas to Pinky as you came in. He's all toasty in his Santa coat and hat. Notice how I had to wrap it around the porch spindle to keep him from blowing away in this cold blustery weather. But don't comment about that to him. He's a little touchy about his clothing.

Did you notice that your invitation requested that you bring your favorite party food? I've made my mom's yummy brandy drenched fruitcake. Mmmmmmmm. Alcohol-y......*hic* Let me know which delicacy you've decided to bring. You can put it down on the buffet table spread with my newest Christmas tablecloth. Check out the goat pulling Santa's sleigh and the elf riding a pig. Aren't they awesome?

I got it online on an Etsy shop after learning that actually the goat and pig depicted on this terrific vintage cloth are very traditional Scandinavian Christmas characters. Delightful. You can buy your very own here. (It is an eBay link so after this is sold, who knows where you can find others. Sorry.)

I've always loved goats. But y'all know that.

Once you have your plate heaped with treats and are balancing your drink in your other hand join me over by the Christmas tree. (Psssst - Terese? Um. It's not good party etiquette to wade in the chocolate fountain, dear.....WELL. I NEVER. It's also not good etiquette to dribble chocolate over your hostess' head! Indignant sniff.)

Pardon me as I lick the chocolate off my sequins. Oh golly. Now it's dripping from my ears......say. Quite delicious chocolate fondue.

But enough about me. Tell me EVERYTHING. It seems like forever since we've talked.

What a great party. Wait. What's happening way over by the buffet table? Oh my.

People? People?! PEOPLE!! Do NOT join Terese in the fountain! At least have the courtesy to remove your socks first!! Golly. I'll never get all that chocolate off the ceiling..... What do you mean "it's all my fault"? Because I got a fountain the size of a wading pool? How ridiculous.

Guess if you can't beat 'em, you should join 'em........MOVE OVER, GUYS. I should have put a stack of beach towels under the table. And I'm not paying for anybody's after-the-chocolate dry cleaning. Just sayin'.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Nicole said...

Merry Christmas, Julia and friends! This is a fabulous party, ;), and the only celebrating I have done so far! You know how to throw a proper celebration, that's for sure. :D

Anonymous said...

I'll join your party!!
What fun, love the chocolate fountain, shouldn't have that, but at your party, its OK.

You did all the decorating for us all to enjoy. I am celebrating this Christmas with a new grandson, which I never expected to ever arrive. And I am celebrating being "reasonably well" with manageable SS symptoms, made easier by all the information you have provided.

Here is a Christmas toast to you, Julia, and your wonderful family (and Lulu)) which you have shared with us. Blessings and Happy New Year Wishes to you all.

Heda said...

Me too please. I'm wearing a little black number with high heels. My thick luxuriant hair is piled high on my head and my gold jewellery is shining in the Christmas lights. The Christmas charms on my bracelet are jingling because I am carrying a large bunch of Christmas bush as a gift to you. My contribution to the buffet is of course a platter of prawns and a pavlova. A very merry Christmas to you and yours.