Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Investing in a Good Night's Sleep

My Bratty Inner Child Julia is sulking because I haven't kept my promise to write exclusively "life is so good" posts this summer. She's mad because I've written about inflammatory cytokines, and Sjogren's fatigue, and brain fog and grocery carts....well. Thinking that these topics aren't feel-good material, she's pitching a fit. So to placate BICJ today's entry is ALL GOOD STUFF.

Here goes.

When our son was born, John and I bought a new mattress and bedroom furniture. It was pretty exciting because previously our stuff was hand-me-downs and mismatched. And now? That set is 34 years old. And the bed frame and mattress was delegated to a guest room when we got a king size mattress.

The king only ruled for three stinkin' years after which it had developed two John and Julia shaped trenches. The stupid thing turned into a double hammock. John said he needed a periscope to see his alarm clock. Of course by then the warranty had expired by two years.

So we're excited this week to take delivery of a new mattress but even better -- a new bed. I can't wait to plop myself onto this beauty.

Lulu probably won't be able to jump up on this one. I think she needs one of those doggy stairs.

Happy, BICJ? Why yes. Yes we are.


Unknown said...

Looks incredibly comfy! Hope you sleep well.

Unknown said...

Looks incredibly comfy! Hope you sleep well.

Marion said...

When I invested in a new bed I found I needed the stairs to get in, not the dog!

Heda said...

Now that is a bed! Looks wonderfully comfortably, Do you wake a lot through the night? I do that. Its like a need to wake to roll over. It doesn't bother me. In fact I think it helps me because I stretch and gently move as many joints as possible each time and find that I am less stiff and sore when I get up in the morning.