Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mmm Mmm Good News

So I have not one but TWO good things to report today. The first is the tastiest thing I've discovered in a long long time. It's The Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee, an enormous tumbler of which I'm enjoying even as I'm typing this. 

Slurp. Yum. Thank you, thank you Ree Drummond, for making my mornings far more enjoyable. 

I love this woman...........for so many reasons. Of course her coffee recipe is one of them but also her unabashedly unrepentant love of butter, sugar, and flour. And her family. 

You can read her fabulously simple but messy recipe here. Fortunately, it makes two gallons of this caffeinated perfection so you'll be washing coffee grounds from your sink, countertops, flooring, windows, ceiling fixtures.......what? You're not as hopelessly sloppy as I am?........infrequently. Depends how thirsty you are and what your tolerance for highly caffeinated foods is. 

Second happy thing? My dear friend Karen is visiting me today. Details to follow as they develop, so stay tuned. In the meantime have a wonderful day. 


Sue said...

I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes as well. I watch her show on the food channel's website.

Anonymous said...

Many times it is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure: a visit from a dear friend and something new and yummy to drink. I hope your day was perfect.

stephanie said...

I did it like this at first and coffee ended up everywhere. I've fine tuned it after several attempts and it's SOOOO much easier now. I put the coffee in a large pitcher for 24 hours. Then I get a 2nd large (wide mouth) pitcher, place a fine-meshed strainer over the mouth, and pour the coffee into the 2nd pitcher. Get rid of the grounds and pour the coffee back and forth several times into the pitchers, thru the strainer. It doesn't make 2 gallons, but no mess!

Unknown said...

We started making her cold brew coffee this summer too, and it is soooo smoothe! I am a bit messy with all the grounds, too, but who cares?