Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Different Focus

It's abundantly obvious that I have been neglecting my blog since Christmas.

Sorry about that.

I've been spending some time in thought trying to understand what the heck is going on. Finally, I believe I have discovered the cause of my reluctance to just write a few words and hit the publish button, for cryin' out loud.

Yes. I'm pretending that I don't have a chronic illness.

See? It's hard for me to even type the words Sjogren's syndrome. Denial is a powerful thing.

Even though I've finally realized WHAT I'm doing -- or not -- I have no desire whatsoever to spend the emotional energy discovering WHY. BICJ has put her imaginary foot down in refusal to poke or prod my psyche. She has thrown herself protectively in front of the emotional center of my brain and has declared, "ENOUGH."

For once, I agree completely with my bratty alter ego. It's time for an emotional time out from the feelings of loss or frustration or angst that have prevailed since the beginning of the year, including my ongoing battle with autoimmune disease. So I find myself focusing on pleasant things, and fun projects which require extensive online research and purchasing. Shopping! Woo hoo!

Blog about Sjogren's syndrome? What blog? What's a blog?

So I am going to indulge myself this summer to just write about people, places, and events that make my heart smile. The biggest grin inducing event lately has been my ongoing and tantalizingly close to finishing obsession with grey paint. And it has been just a hoot.

Well, it's been a hoot for me. I'm so lucky that I have such an amazing team of forcibly threatened slave workers volunteer painters. Specifically John and Terese. What a great job they did.

I just love the color that I chose. It's called "Aluminum Foil", which I think describes it perfectly.  It's so much fun to work with one of those strange chameleon type colors -- grey, blue, white.....the ambient light changes this color into one of a million different hues. Because who wants just ONE boring color on your walls?

Love this charcoal shag beauty. It's so great to have a cushy spot to just splat myself flat when I need to.

Y'all know the feeling.

See how the color of these flowers just pop against that soft grey?

Next up: Hanging the curtains.

One of the most fun things about this project is that each and every element of it was a screaming bargain. Paint? The best Sherwin Williams has at 40% off, including brushes, tray liners, painters tape and everything else that I could think of. Brushed nickel replacement cabinet hardware? A fraction of Lowe's prices. Curtains? An absolute steal at $24/pair of panels. Rug? Online bargain find at 70% off and free shipping. The fact that it was the second one that I bought because the first one I bought was bright blue instead of grey as advertised and I had to wrap up and send the first one back? Only meant more shopping. Bonus.

Ahhh. What fun. I wonder what's next............


Laura said...

Oh, that is GORGEOUS!

...oh, Scott....


Heda said...

Delightful. Excellent choices.
What's Sjogren's. I don't know either. So much nicer not to know. :-)
PS Have recently moved from the big smoke to a rural regional centre. New doctor who believes Sjogren's is confined to a glandular presentation so thus I must have something more than Sjogren's. Sigh. Or at first it was 'sigh' but now it's 'who cares'. I'm perfectly happy to ignore whatever it might be that I do or do not have.

Gill said...

Have you noticed that the Property Brothers are using English paint? I knew their interiors looked classy but Farrow & Ball paint. Been trying to guess the grey they were using in the last programme they showed over hear, guess it was Pavilion Grey.

As for Sjogren's, just getting geared up for the annual rheumy appointment. 2 minutes in his office, come back next year and make sure you take the form to the desk (his payment?). I know how lucky I am that things haven't hit me big time, but I would like a bit more of a sympathetic hearing. Never mind, there's always Jonathan and his sledge hammer to look forward to.

ps. fab curtains

Nicole said...

I LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Love gray! My accent color with it last year was periwinkle, now it's a dusty purple.
Just found your blog- where have I been? Was dxnd in 2012. I'm 55 now and finally had to stop working (after the Fibro made my fingers go numb) Applying for disability- isn't it fun? Cigna is the Devil. Where are my "measurable functional deficits" and clinical tests that prove SS limits my abilities?? Good Lord! My poor Rheumy is having to explain how it works- like recreating the wheel.
Anyway, found 1 great doc in Austin, after 4 years with a cold bookworm type. Don't u hate when they dictate about u right outside the door? Read your stuff in IBS- my tummys been hurting for weeks so wondering about that now too. But like ya'll, trying to de-stress- sold the house and rented a Cali bungalow for the summer. Anyone with advice on the battle for disability or in my bellyache?
In the meantime, have a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend! ��

MC said...

I appreciate the need to not want to focus on sjogren's. Focusing on the positive is so much healthier. Like the paint job.

MC said...

I appreciate the need to not want to focus on sjogren's. Focusing on the positive is so much healthier. Like the paint job.

Heda said...

PS we are only joking. I love your informed and academic approach to dealing with our illness. I've learned much from you and we so need you to champion our cause. No pressure though. If it's too much for you at this time in your life, just give it a break. We'll be fine. Love you Jules and hats off to you for what you have done for us.