Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Home is Good

I want to begin this post by thanking everyone for their prayers and good thoughts for my mom and our family. Although I'm still in shock that I've had to begin so many posts over the last two months with that sentiment. I know that the events that our family are experiencing are not uncommon, and that the nature of life includes illness and death; so I appreciate y'all sharing so unselfishly and candidly your coping strategies when faced with the same things that I have.

I'm back home as I write this, and it's been so good to be with John and to sleep in my own bed! Mom has been transferred to a rehab/nursing home facility and seems to be OK with that. It's difficult to be so far away from her, but I am thankful that several of my siblings live closer to her and are able to visit frequently. As for me, my knee has been letting me know that I've been completely ignoring the icing/elevation/exercise/rest regime by the appearance of pain and swelling, and I've tried to turn my attention towards my own health again. John and Lulu and I took a drive out to the coast over the past weekend and spent two days there just taking in the sun and listening to the waves. Wonderful.

I am hoping that life includes far fewer surprises for our family for the foreseeable future.


Laura said...

Welcome back. Hopefully your knee will recover now that you can focus on yourself a bit more.

Cindy said...

There is no place like home.... (at least, that is how I feel). I hope you can concentrate on yourself for awhile and heal. You have been a good daughter. I'm sure your Mom would agree you need to take some time for your own care now.
Welcome back; you have been missed.

Unknown said...

Hi Julia, bet it was gorgeous at the coast. Was even nice here in PDX. We have all been thinking of you and sending our love and prayers. What a full plate you have had. I hope you can find some equilibrium the next couple of weeks and join us on Feb 24. Gentle hugs, Debbe