Thursday, January 7, 2016


Well. What a red-banner day. It's been exactly one month since my surgery and today I broke out the car keys, loaded Lulu up into the SUV and pushed OPEN on the garage door opener.

Oh, yeah. The dangerous driving duo of Julia and Lulu are on the road again.

Lulu told me that she expects her seat heater turned on and the usual drive- through french fry experience.

Ahhhh. Felt insanely good to just turn the key and go.

And for those who are wondering, I didn't have any pain medication chasing through these old veins, my knee felt just fine and my reflexes seemed right on the money. Lulu and I decided that our first test drive with my new knee should involve an errand, and a treat. So I dropped a package off to be shipped and then we drove through a fast food joint for a small order of fries which we shared all the way home.

Those were some of the best tasting fries that I have ever had.

So with the car safely in the garage and my knee back up on pillows with an ice pack slapped on top, I feel as though I've passed some kind of milestone.  Wheels and freedom are very good things. I thought it very appropriate that one of the first songs that Lulu and I heard while rolling happily along was Footloose. That's us, all right, my Lulu girl.


Eliza J said...

Laughed out loud ~ thank you!

Nan said...

Julia, I just LOVE the expression on Lulu's face! She is quite the girl.

Good to hear that the two of you had such a wonderful adventure.

Marion said...

Personally, I kept singing " on the road again". Lol

Unknown said...

By the look on her face I definitely wouldn't want to meet that dog in a dark alley way. Don't mess with the schnauzer.

Gertie said...

Congrats on your release from prison based on good behavior??? So happy for you to be out and about again.

Unknown said...

Love the updates on your knee. The Footloose video really made my morning.

Sjogrens Newbie said...

Any thoughts on a tie between auto immune diseases and birth control pills? Or the possibility of getting Sjogrens after changing birth control pills?