Monday, December 21, 2015

We're On Track

Hi guys! I wanted to check in to let y'all know how I'm faring -- which is to say that my new knee and I are becoming acquitted. At this point neither of us has completely accepted the other without reservations, leading to the occasional aches pains, and swelling. But the doctors tell me that this is completely normal. So in the meantime I'm faithfully doing my exercises, attending physical therapy appointments, icing every part of me that needs it, and resting in my little recovery lair (previously known as the study).  Aside from having a cozy little bed perfect for daytime napping and stretching out for exercises, and a TV on which to watch old Christmas movies, my lair affords me a pretty nifty view of the Christmas tree.

And when the Christmas festivities get too wild and crazy around here, rather than hide out completely in my bedroom upstairs, I can duck in to take a quick break here without feeling as though I'm missing on out of all the good stuff.

I've turned over the cooking and baking duties to my friends and my girlies. Karen has already baked a batch of delicious sugar cookies and chocolate/oatmeal bars. I've got daughter #1 on fruitcake and fudge duty for tomorrow.

I think Christmas is well in hand here. How about your holidays? Are you all set?


Sue said...

Hi Julia. Am I ready for Christmas? Not completely. The shopping is done but the wrapping isn't. I still have baking to do. It will get done. Last night I took my daughter to see the new Star Wars movie. It is all about priorities. And it helps that we aren't entertaining family until next week. The movie was great so we will probably go see it again next week when the family entertaining is over.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia.
Love your view.
Presents wrapped. Visit to daughter and her family done.
Cream cheese cookie bars and Chex mix making tomorrow.
Taking the grands to see lights at Oregon Garden and then an early Christmas morning trip across town to watch grands open presents.
A quiet few days then it's bowl game and grandchildren sleep over so the parents can go to hockey game.
Life is good.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!