Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Videos Sharing Patient Experiences

The video created by Bausch and Lomb featuring Amy Junod generated several comments, all complimentary. (Great work, Amy!) Read this from Melodie:

I really like the video you posted from Amy Junod.  I think its a great resource for patients new to Sjogren's to hear the often long, drawn out experience of getting a diagnosis.  I know people can read posts...but the videos make it seem more personal and connected.  Are there other collections of videos from Sjogren's patients?    
The Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation produced this excellent 2012 video featuring several Sjogren's patients and entitled A Place to Begin:

I have added a link to this video to my web version of Reasonably Well. Look on my left side bar under "Links"; I have also included Amy's video on my sidebar  under "Reasonably Informative Posts".

Have you seen any other educational videos featuring Sjogren's syndrome patients? Share!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Great video! -Melodie