Saturday, November 7, 2015

The results are in.

Like John and my new shoes? We almost match. I think they fit in with the decor of my surgeon's waiting room quite nicely. All rustic and everything. 

I think modern dentistry is amazing. Crazy good. Like wow, man. Mind. BLOWN.

(Can you tell I'm writing this while under the effects of some very effective pain medication?)

.....and antibiotics and prescription mouthwash.

My implant surgery was today, and with the help of expertly placed local anesthetic and several tankfuls of nitrous oxide, the procedure was relatively pain free. I think the temp crowns look pretty darned good.

While the bone in my jaw solidifies around the titanium implant, a couple of temporary fake teeth have been placed. I've been instructed that I can't use my front teeth to bite into any foods until approximately March, when the bone tissue has healed. Until it does, I will need to cut all my food into very small pieces and fork them into the side of my mouth.

After hearing this, I said, SAY WHAT? As in no chomping my way through Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years?!

Ah, well. Perhaps this will be a great way to control portion sizes this holiday season.

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