Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Every Christmas for the past five years or so, we have asked our kids not to give us Christmas presents. We ask them to take the money that they would have spent on those gifts, and make a donation for that amount to a charity -- any charity that they felt was worthwhile. So the kids have faithfully been abiding by our wishes and it always tickles me to see to what charity they donate in our names. 

Because the donations ARE in our names, John and I get follow up emails at Christmastime every year, hoping that another donation will be made. I enjoy reading them because they remind me of all the good that my kids are doing in the world.

So. Yesterday I was reading my list of emails, and one of those charity sites send one that MUST have been written by someone who knows me really well. Or they were prompted by someone who knows me well because I found it almost irresistible. Here's what it said:


Who would want two goats for the price of one? ME! ME! MEEEEEEEEEE! *jumping up and down and waving arms wildly*

The charity is Heifer International, and here's their fine print for the goat deal:
Julia, right now you can make double the impact and cross some early gift shopping off your list.  
All Heifer catalog gifts through this email are MATCHED up to $322,000—but the match funds won't last forever, so shop now! 
For a limited time:
$20 = 2 flocks of chicks
$60 = 6 rabbits
$120 = 2 goats
$500 = 2 heifers
It's not just those animals, Julia—this match applies to the entire catalog. No matter what you buy, you'll help two families instead of one.  
Plus, thanks to Passing on the Gift, your impact will continue to ripple outward from those two gifts for generations to come, transforming the lives of even more families. 
Don't miss out. Shop the catalog now, before it's too late to see your impact DOUBLED:
If goats aren't your thing, (but honestly. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?) then perhaps one of these adorbs alpacas. A close second to goats in the cuteness scale, It think.

Wouldn't it be great if other charities follow Heifer International's lead this Christmas?

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Amy Junod said...

I have my Heifer catalog on my desk as I too am going to purchase a goat. I would have them in my backyard if our city allowed them. This will be my way of "owning" and my little goat can help out a family.
Thanks for sharing your experience with Heifer. It's my first year donating and had some reservations. I'm glad that they do good work.