Saturday, October 17, 2015

She's a Stinker

We are doggysitting our granddog while my son and my daughter in law are attending a much anticipated fun event in Manhattan.

Having Frodo here is a mixed blessing. Even though I love that little corgi to pieces, really I do.

It's just that Lulu's spoiled rotten dogginess becomes epic when another dog besides the Skipper doodle stays with us which means more of my energy and attention needs to be spent.  Every time I throw a toy for Frodo to fetch -- his favorite thing to do in the whole world -- she beats him to the toy and either hides it or puts it in a stack that she's obviously claimed as hers and hers exclusively.

I seriously think she has just told him to go stand in a corner in this picture. As she gnaws the piggyskin chews and makes all the toys squeak. So he does as he's told, silly boy. 

Then I have to stop what I'm doing to go snag all of the toys away from Lulu, and put both dogs on a down with one of their favorite toys within snout's reach. It's pretty amazing how long they'll do this.

Frodo becomes totally exhausted by the whole exercise. When I think they've been good for long enough, I grab a ball and toss it, and they actually play nice for awhile.

But not for too long; when my attention is directed elsewhere, Lulu is up to her old tricks again, of course.

See Frodo looking longingly at the ball which is almost equally far from Lulu as it is to Frodo? She must have told him somehow that he couldn't have it. Because he doesn't even try.

I think that I enjoy this far too much  because it reminds me so much of what it was like having little kids in the house. What fun.

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LM said...

I miss having a dog in the house. Lost my baby girl back in March - just two weeks shy of her 15th birthday. My heart is still not healed from losing her. They bring so much joy and humor. I feel they give us far more than we give them in return. Maybe I'll get another one eventually. Enjoy those pups and the laughs they bring!