Monday, October 19, 2015

It's all in the raisin.

John and I are on a quest.

Yet again.

This time, we're looking for a loaf of raisin bread. No, really we are. Because we've spent far too much money on small loaves with beautiful cinnamon-y and raisin-y pictures on the packaging but hard, dry, tasteless loaves inside the bag.


We take our cinnamon raisin toast very seriously.

I decided to try to replicate the soft, fluffy, sweet, and raisin-packed loaves that we both remember from our childhoods, but in all honesty I'm a little worried that this particular recipe isn't the one that I'm looking for. I had to stop the bread machine after it had finished kneading, leaving two separate blobs of dough. I stuck them together, smushed it all into an approximate loaf shape and returned it to the pan. The dough felt kind of strangely dense yet moist.

It called for a full cup of raisins. Does that seem too many for one loaf? We'll see.

Anyone have recipes to share?

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Anonymous said...

I've found King Arthur Flour recipes are always very reliable. My favorite raisins are Jumbo Raisin Medley from Trader Joe's. One cup of raisins is not too much for a two pound loaf. Hope you find the recipe that works best for you.