Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm Glad That You Told Me

When I asked in an earlier post, "How is your life right now?" I meant it. And I'm glad that so many of you responded. Even though at a cellular level, Sjogren's is the same for all of us; to what that translates is so different for each of us.

It is good to hear everything -- the good, the bad, and everything in between from everyone. I'm in a rather rough patch right now but it helps to know that any time I share symptoms that seem so bizarre to me, inevitably I hear from others with autoimmune disease tell me something along the lines of, ME TOO! This is immeasurably comforting.

So thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

See you tomorrow.

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stephanie said...

Hi Julia. So sorry you're in a rough patch. That STINKS. I started my 3rd try at meds for SS and RA in August and I quit it yesterday, as premature heart beats and racing heart have increased to a really super uncomfortable level. I even went to a cardiologist who said all tests show nothing is wrong. Then I find out that these are UNcommon side effect of Arava, but still a side effect. On to Plan D! I did learn something helpful, I think. I started taking liquid magnesium (which was supposed to help the palpitations, but I don't think they did), but did you know? Most Americans are deficient in magnesium (and potassium). I did not know how many things magnesium helps in the body until I read WebMD. WebMD says it helps with cholesterol, blood pressure, Crohn's,diabetes, restless leg and more. Other than these things, I've had a FAB summer and plan on having a FAB fall. It's a good day to be alive! xoxo