Thursday, September 24, 2015

They Understand

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Well, shoot. I dislike days that don't include everything that I have planned. Like yesterday: I was looking forward to attending my Sjogrens Syndrome support group. I took a leisurely morning breakfasting and getting dressed and drove over to the meeting with time to spare.

Extra time was useful since road construction forced me to take a detour. Yay for Google maps. So I walked into the meeting just as it was starting. Whew. As we began to get through the agenda, I found myself wiping perspiration off my face, so I took off my sweater and rolled up my sleeves thinking that I couldn't possibly be having an energy crash. Must be from the room temp, I  decided. But when my face began to feel cold and I could feel sweat trickling down my back, I couldn't ignore the fact that my batteries were just about emptied. And if I continued to deny that it was happening, I wouldn't be in any kind of shape to maneuver through Portland traffic to get home.

I pushed back my chair and whispered, I have to leave. I am SO done.... to the gal next to me. And of course, she nodded sympathetically. I couldn't help but feel embarrassed as I waved good-bye to everyone; which was ridiculous since these people have all known exactly how I felt.

John said that I should have stood up and announced, Goodbye all! I have SJOGRENS SYNDROME!

Actually, that would have been rather humorous.

So while wiping the sweat out of my eyes, I hurried to the car and headed home after which I collapsed into bed for the rest of the afternoon. I'll bet many of you have had to bail out on activities before, too. I knew that I was doing the right thing by being responsible about making sure that I was able to drive home safely, but dang. It's never fun to be the responsible one.

Dumb stupid Sjogren's syndrome....


Amy Junod said...

Today's post has stuck with me today. So sorry that your support meeting was cut short as "your tribe" could have offered words of encouragement. Ugh, it stinks. Sjogren's stinks.
There's something to that admission of "I'm done!" that sends a message to my body. I tend to feel guilt of defeat. That's my heart feelings. My mind though knows that it's sending a powerful message to my body that I'm taking care of it.
I'm so sorry you're feeling better. Wish I could send Nixie to you to cuddle with while you take care of yourself. She helps me. :-)

Amy Junod said...

Gads, just reread- I meant so sorry you're feeling yucky.

LM said...

Ah yes, we know that feeling well.
Had it the other day while standing in the middle of Kohl's looking for a bridal shower gift. I started sweating and though, "I wonder if they care if I sit down in the middle of aisle for a few minutes?" I made it to the check out, got to the car and sat with the A/C blowing on me for 15 minutes. Mustered up the energy to drive home and crashed into my chair.

Really stinks you didn't get to finish your meeting. So helpful and informative to have people who understand and completely empathize.

Here's to a better energy day tomorrow!