Tuesday, September 15, 2015


After a few weeks that have required higher amounts of my energy, yesterday my body sat me down and we had a "Come To Jesus" moment. It went kind of like this:

Julia's Body (JB): Hey! You!

Me? You talkin' to ME?

JB: Well, duh. Sit down.


JB: Have you been paying any attention at all to how I have been feeling for the last couple days?


JB: No. No, you haven't. So I'll enlighten both of us: Crummy. I feel crummy. Tired. On the verge of crashing. My nose and face are cold, Missy! You know that means my reserves are nearing empty.

I guess you're right....

JB: No kidding. And there's lots of other stuff going on here. I suggest you take a minute and get a grip on your condition. Well?

OK. Let's see. I feel clammy, my face feels icy, my tummy is upset, and you're right. Lots of other symptoms and signals going on that need attention. But speaking of attention, I want to go do a few errands. I'm supposed to go to a choir practice, and I really should...

JB: Girl. Don't make me take charge here.

You mean?

JB: Yes. If you don't behave yourself and start paying more attention to me, I'm going to have to release...

No! No! Not that! I promise I'll be good!

JB: .....I will have to release.......THE DREADED CRASH.

*dramatic music*

Sigh. I'm heading to bed. See y'all tomorrow.


Marion said...

I understand exactly what you are saying. Hitting the wall head first is no fun. It's so frustrating to see all that needs to be done and know I just have to go crash on the couch. Sigh. We do what we have to do. I tried kicking and screaming all the way. Didn't help. Now I just grab a book and go quietly. You KNOW the body is going to win the argument, every time.

Unknown said...

Rest well, sweetie. I totally get it. After the extra steroid load from the epidural in my back I went down hard a week later but kept trying to push. Well it caught me. Vertigo and nausea from "benign" positional vertigo that has been absent for many years. HAven't been able to drive so that helps. But still manage to find too many diversions around the house. I am trying to listen...

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post. I started some mega doses of b vitamins, and while I have had more energy, I have to relearn my limits. I had a very full day Saturday, and by the time I got home I could not get warm! I had never thought of temperature being a signal. I too, will try to pay better attention.

LM said...

I completely understand. My body talks to me and I should heed the warning, sometimes I don't. Then I 'pay'!
I'm coming off of a serious steroid injection. It feels so nice to have some energy to do things I've wanted to accomplish. I'm using it all up. Trying to remind myself I shouldn't be doing this. "but I waaaaaaaaannnnnnnnaaaa!" *In my tantrum voice.

I agree with the others, I've never thought about my temperature being a signal, either. Sometimes, I get so cold at night I lay awake shivering with icy toes and hands.

Rest up!

Unknown said...

I think I'm paying attention all the time but, you know, you're right. The warning symptoms are piling up ominously. I am shutting it down until I feel a bit better.