Sunday, September 27, 2015

Let Us Eat Cake

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been eyeing a recipe for coconut cake for awhile. I've been waiting for an opportunity to share it with someone after it was baked -- because if I made an enormous cake like this one for just John and I, I'd have far more than my fair share.

So last night we invited Terese and Greg to go to dinner with us and then have cake and decacaffe coffee at our house afterwards.

Oh, boy! I thought as soon as I opened my eyes yesterday morning. Time to BAKE. I dressed in a hurry, slugged down my pills, and munched a bagel as I reviewed the recipe and ticked off the ingredients required.

All accounted for, it seemed. Project Coconut was a go.

I've never made one of these beauties before, so I scoured the internet. After seeing the same recipe on three different websites it certainly appeared that at least a few bakers out there had success with that one. I hit the print button, and we were off.

Mmmmm. I love the smell of a cake in the oven.

Overall, the process went fairly smoothly. I'm going to pretend the "I almost dropped one layer and broke off a corner" incident never happened. Frosting fixes everything, after all.

Wonder if it will taste as good as it looks? I'll keep y'all posted.

Recipe found here, on Epicurious. com.


Unknown said...

Oooh, looks yummy Julia. I love coconut. I'm did gluten free oatmeal blueberry muffins and today hope to get to the carrit raisin cake that uses almond meal. I really miss gluten based desserts and bread........... Way to go.

LM said...

Ohhh!! Looks delish.
I'm on the baking train this week as well. Baking a wedding cake and cupcakes for my brother's nuptials. I used to bake lots of wedding cakes, but the intricate piping doesn't look so hot anymore with the shaky hands going on. They understand and I ask them to choose much less intricate designs. I don't do them for many people anymore. Too much work. Once in awhile I make an exception for family. I completely understand why bakeries charge what they do for nice wedding cakes. The work that goes into a wedding cake is pretty extensive. Almond, sour cream cake with strawberry filling for the bride and groom's cake and red velvet cupcakes for guests. Yummy!
Cake makes so many things better! :)

The Sjogrens Newbie said...

While we are on the topic of food, is there anything that isn't good for people with Sjogrens to eat or drink? Or any supplements or foods that are super good for us? Feeling very flat - might need a Berocca. Any recommendations on vitamins (or anything else) to perk you up - I'm in serious need of an energy boost.