Friday, September 4, 2015


Let me preface this post by saying I have no financial interest in the following product.

But oh, man. I wish I did.

While I was visiting relatives last week, I left my purse unzipped at my sister's house and unknowingly dumped out most of my drug store brand cosmetics. By the time I figured it out, we were on a plane and it was too late to reclaim them. And they certainly weren't worth the postage to ship them back. So I was shopping yesterday at one of those natural food store type places and decided to peruse their cosmetics. I came across a product called 'lipstick butter'.

I'll bet everyone on the planet has heard of this kind of product except me......but am I glad I found it. My lips have been Sjogren's dry for ages and this stuff glides on like, well, butter. I found myself stuffing it in my pocket just to reapply it every five minutes. It's no wonder I found it so soothing considering the ingredients include cocoa seed butter, avocado oil, cranberry seed oil, and shea butter.

So I thought I'd share it with you.

It's not much more expensive than drug store lipsticks. I paid $12.99 for mine. You can read more about it on the product's website here.

How do you battle Sjogren's dryness on your lips?


Jenny P said...

That's cool! I actually recently discovered a similar product and I'm addicted. In addition to have Sjogren's dry (read: grossly chapped) lips, I am also so pale I think I look like a clown with most lipstick, so I pretty much gave up on it. But somehow the Almay commercial (and I'm not a big Almay fan in general) got me and I tried their Butter Kiss Lipstick - now I have it in 3 colors! It goes on nicely even when I'm all chapped up :) I think it cost me something like $7 at CVS. Yay, at least TWO products to choose from!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia:
Will give it a try and passed the info on to my sister. I have been using Trader Joe's Lip Balm Virtuoso for the last five years. It comes in a three pack for under $5. I use it over lipstick or plain, carry it with me always. My husband uses it also as he had neck radiation. Highly recommend it.
Best wishes, Judy

Unknown said...

I use a lot of coconut oil on kips, in nose and ears. Lipstick is one product I do wear, L'Paige, it's a lip stain and different colors on each person; spendy but I like it. Have to order online. At which of our local stores did you find this? I still can't drive and am dependent on my neighbor. Going to make my first trip out today since the failed epidural steroid at L5 Tuesday. Still hurt like &*(*^&#^$&#Q. Also like Neutrogena lip balm.

Julia Oleinik said...

Deborah - Ouch. So sorry you're epidural didn't provide relief! I found this product at Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

I love this product! Mineral cosmetics are really good and perform wonderfully! The lied me to other natural skin care. Please give thrier new products a try and review them on you super blog!

Anonymous said...

Love this Mineral Fusion Lip Butters product! I use this with Mineral Fusion's Blush/Blonzer Duo and I am out the door. For being 100% vegan, gluten, cruelty, paraben and artificial free, the colors are great.