Sunday, August 23, 2015

What a Trip

I'm taking a flight to see family soon; and as such I've started my highly refined packing method: As clothing for the trip comes through the wash that I want to pack, I throw it on a pile on my dresser. And the night before my flight I grab it and throw it into my suitcase.

Hey. It works for me.

So after watching this video which shows exactly what happens to your luggage after you check it at the airport, I feel vindicated in my method since after all that tossing and turning and zipping around, why even bother folding your stuff?

Check it out: (Well, everyone except Terese should check it out. Terese? Girl. Don't watch - it'll make you all barfy.)


Laura said...

Hey, wait, my luggage gets an awesome rollercoaster and all I get is a boring chair?? ;)

Heda said...

Oh my goodness. I'm going on holidays shortly. Carry on is now called for.