Friday, August 14, 2015

We Went to the Mountain

Winter image of Timberline Lodge found here, from Sea to Summit Tours. 

Yesterday was yet another of those heartbreakingly gorgeous late summer days. And how fortunate since Terese, her sister Fran, and I headed up to Mount Hood.

I love that mountain. Just love it.

I took a million pictures of basically the same thing - but I can't resist clicking away madly when looking at such a spectacular triumph of nature.

We had a grand time exploring the rustic historic lodge, enjoying an impressive lunch buffet, and taking a summertime ride up the mountain on a chair lift.

Of course I forgot my hat. But I bought a t-shirt at the gift shop and fashioned a cowl thingie of sorts. Which of course meant I looked completely weirdo, but I figured looking strange (and really.....that's not out of the ordinary for me) was less important than suffering a mountain sunshine - induced flare.

And it  still looked much better than taping a paper placemat to my head. Like SOMEONE suggested.

What a fabulous day.

Thanks to our drought, my mountain has very little snow at it's peak this year. It seems so strange to see all that gray rock instead of blinding white.

Not a bad view from the restaurant.

I'm rather proud of myself for not rocking the chair lift to make Terese barf. I'm such a good friend.

You can read more about the historic Timberline Lodge here.

This little black tailed deer seemed perfectly at ease with a strange lady getting it's picture.

I'll be back. 

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