Sunday, August 2, 2015

Never Mind

I still think it's as ugly as heck.

So. I'm sure that I have made it abundantly clear that I harbor thoughts with respect to my knee brace. I threw a three day tantrum after I was finally in possession of it. One of the threats I made was to drop kick the thing into the next county.

It was tempting to just give up on the thing, and on the fourth day I eyed it lying on the floor in my closet thinking that maybe I should cram it back into a corner under clothes and pretend the whole thing never even happened. But I sat down and began to strap it on over some yoga pants anyway.

What a shock when I stood up and realized that it fit. Without pain.

How does that happen overnight?!

I took it for a test drive around the house and had to grudgingly concede that I had less pain when I wore it. Heck, I could even do stairs with less discomfort.

This has taught me a couple things: first, that when advised to take time to get used to wearing the brace, this is good advice. Secondly, it reminded me of days when I could count on walking and doing stairs without significant pain. Which made me want to schedule that knee replacement sooner than January as I previously thought.

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jloblow said...

Get your knee done!
You will be in hospital three days, up walking day after surgery
The secret is to ice 24/7! I even had ice pack up when I went to sleep
I started pt first week,home
3weeks later I was done
Very little pain.
I did have pain pills and anti inflammatory pills