Thursday, August 27, 2015

Checking in

Hi everyone! I'm still in taking-care-of-the-folks land. But wanted to thank everyone for their good thoughts and encouraging emails. 

As every adult of a certain age knows, reaching that pivotal point at which the carer-caregiver roles reverse is a difficult thing indeed; but we are fortunate to have a large family all of whom are willing to help and support each other. 

So we are making good progress in assessment and planning. 

Thanks also for the prayers and know that each of you is included in my prayers  every night as well. 

What? We have to take time to play, too...


Anonymous said...

A good hearty laugh with the whole family is a big help here!

Heda said...

Bears or do I mean beers help in all sorts of situations. My mum's 94, legally blind and insists on living at home alone blithely unaware of the massive amount of work her children, neighbours, friends and associated acquaintances have to do to make that happen. If only she would go into a retirement village but believe me that ain't going to happen until she is wheeled there on a stretcher.