Sunday, July 26, 2015

We Have Apples

Whoa. We have three apple trees in our yard; none of which have produced many apples over the last three or four years. But this year? In supposedly a bad winter and summer for apples, one of my little trees has gone apple crazy. It's a variety developed by Washington State University specifically for our climate here in the Pacific Northwest and for the life of me, I can't remember it's name. It's developed to resist diseases related to wet weather and the fruit is ripe earlier than other varieties.

Anyway, this little guy is extremely happy this year. John picked the first of just a few of the apples:

Aside from eating them fresh or stealthily leaving bags of apples on our neighbors' doorsteps, I need suggestions about how to use all of these beauties.

My sister in law told me that next year our trees need to be a little less happy. She's probably right.


Heda said...

Wow they look delicious.

Vicki said...

Check this site out for inspiration:

This was a search on desserts, then adding apples and excluding vegan and gluten. You can do all kinds of searches.

Nicole said...

Homemade applesauce is delicious. Just fill up your crockpot with sliced apples, add a little water for the bottom, add a scoop of salt and a good amount of cinnamon, and turn it on. Voila!

Unknown said...

Make hard Apple cider!

Anonymous said...

Make an apple crumble - it's easy to make and very tasty


LM said...

I agree with the above comment on applesauce. Every fall we buy a bushel of apples from a local orchard. I make and freeze small containers. It is pretty easy and tastes really good, especially when we're having an 'off' day and food doesn't sit well and it always goes down smoothly on a dry mouth and throat. :)
I simmer a big pot of them, but the crockpot method works well, too.
I add very little other ingredients. Usually some water, apple cider, a pinch of sugar and cinnamon. Then I use my immersion blender to make it the consistency I like. I was never a big fan of applesauce, but homemade is much tastier than the jarred variety.

Can't beat an apple cobbler or pie, though!

Laura said...

Apple pie, apple crumble, apple sauce...

Or Google "savory recipes apples" - for example that netted me even if the season is off. :)

Unknown said...

All good suggestions. Homemade applesauce can't be beat. I add a some ginger to mine if I can't find Gingergold apples to make it from. I'd happily take some off your hands.